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First create a player account via or the Android/iOS app “TRACKTICS Player”. Afterwards you can scan the QR-Code or manually type in the tracker serial number. When type it in manually in make sure not to mix up the upper case “i” and lower case “L”. See |

When you install the app “TRACKTICS Coach” on your iPad and want to use the Team Box for the first time you have to register the box first. You need to make sure your iPad is connected to the internet and the team box is plugged into an outlet and has a power connection. For the registration follow the instructions in the coach app.

Your team box works just like a Wi-Fi router and when connected to power it creates a wireless network with a standard name (a so-called SSID). Both the previously set password and the network name of your team box can be found on the document you were sent with the team box. When you activate your team box through the iPad app you will be asked to set a new SSID and a new password.

Yes. After you have finished a session follow the instructions in the iPad app. After finishing the data transfer between Trackers and iPad you can choose whether you’d like to upload the data immediately or at a later time.
If you choose “postpone” the data is stored on the iPad until you decide to start the upload. To do that you have to press “Upload” on the home screen of the app.

Please make sure the power cord of your Team Box is plugged in correctly. If that’s the case wait a few seconds. If the status LED is still turned off try replugging the cord and try using a different outlet. If the status LED still doesn’t light up green please contact our customer service.

There is an overview of the different LED blinking patterns of your Tracker in the user manual.

To add a new player you have to click on “Player” on the left navigation bar. In the appearing panel you have to click “List Players” and afterwards “Add Players” to get to the desired form.

You have to click the small gear wheel in the bottom left corner of the homescreen of the “TRACKTICS Coach” app. Alternatively you can change your profile settings via

You can change your profile settings via the “TRACKTICS Player” app for iOS and Android or under

Wir empfehlen den Tracker bereits vor dem Aufwärmen oder währenddessen auf dem Platz zu platzieren. So kannst du sicherstellen, dass der Tracker rechtzeitig zum Anpfiff einsatzbereit ist. Wenn du in die Kabine gehst, musst du den Tracker nicht ausschalten bzw. neu starten – einfach im Gürtel lassen und weiterhin aufzeichnen lassen.

To be able to use a single tracker you will have to register as a player regardless if you’re a player or a coach.

Usually it takes up to 4 minutes until the Tracker has a GPS signal. Pleasue make sure that the Tracker is not obstructed by anything with open sky above it. Especially metallic objects can interfere with GPS reception.

To be able to use a single tracker you will have to register as a player regardless if you’re a player or a coach.